Digital Signage

Digital signage is a solution that increases sales, improves business, and makes your your brand stand out, by placing showing ads or valuable information to consumers, on the screens in your business, or in objects that belong of our advertising network.

By using our solutions you become a part of the biggest digital signage network in the Southeast Europe region, which includes shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, clinics…

Digital Signage enables you to:

  • EARN MORE because it increases sales and impulsive purchasing – advertised products sales increase up to 50%, and more than 70% of consumers make a unplanned purchase.
  • SAVE time and money by simplified changing the content on all your screens, without any flyers or posters printing costs.
  • STRENGHTEN you brand by promoting it and giving special offers to customers and visitors. Digital signage encourages brand recognition on all channels.
  • IMPROVE customer experience in a unique and fun way. Inform them about your latest deals.
  • PROMOTE your place by content shared on Social Media by your customers.

Digital Signage Software

  • Change the content on all your screens in one or multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Simply and quickly change the content on the screens in all your business facilities by using our software.
  • Automate scheduling of you content in oreder to prevent unwanted repetition.
  • Social media content content can be displayed on your screens, with realtime changes and filtering of posting negative connotations and the option of manual change.
  • Technical knowledge is not required, because the software is designed that anyone can use it.
  • Using any Internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc.), from any device (tablet, mobile, computer), you can access the admin panel, where you can find all the features of our software.
  • DIfferent formats that are supported by our software enable you to present yourself in the best possible way to your target audience. You can post photos, gifs, videos, html5 banners and much more…


Supply your objects with best screens on the market

  • We offer display in different sorts and sizes. All you need is to adapt them to your business interior.
  • You can use vertical TV screen (totem), horisontal TV screen, video wall, video projector, big LED screen…
  • Barracuda Adria has official partnerships with leading global and local companies, such as Samsung, LG, Phillips, Screen Cloud, Tesla, VOX, BENQ, iiyama, etc.
DIgital signage device

Digital Signage Advertising Network

Increase profit

Earn more by implementing Barracuda Adria digital signage solution in your object and showing 3rd party advertisers ads on your displays.


Adverising in more than 150 locations
Become a part of biggest digital signage network, which is used in all major shopping malls, clinics, hotels, restaurants…

Digital Signage Advertising network goes in two directions. As a screen owner, you can earn money, and as an advertiser, you can place your product or service offerings across the screens in right at your target audience.

In this way, you can present your products or services to your target audience at their exact location. All you need to do is pick locations where you want your ads to be shown, and we guarantee this form of advertising will show as effective.