Digital signage solutions

Digital signage is a system that increases your profit, sales and efficiency of your advertising, by using the digital screens, in all of your business facilities. By using our digital signage solutions, you will become a part of the biggest digital signage network in the region, with more than 5000 screens in it.

  • Increased profit – the product that is being presented on digital displays has its sales increased by up to 50%
  • Additional income – in addition to increasing your sales, our digital signage solution gives you the possibility of extra revenue by advertising other members’ products or services on your screens
  • Enhances impulsive purchase – 70% of customers spend money impulsively
  • Saves time and money – compared with traditional advertising methods. You can schedule the content for your digital displays in advance, so they can change and update automatically without your constant supervision. Also, it allows you to display multiple forms of content at once.
  • It’s self-sustainable – it increases sales on promotional offers and reduces printing costs and time to prepare promotions
  • People remember the content that is presented by digital displays
  • 47% customer’s satisfaction increase

They gave us their trust


Our content management system software is created so it allows you to make changes on advertising messages on all your screens the easiest possible way, with regular monitoring tracking their effect.

  • Complete business case – we will show you how to present your business to your customers in the best possible way
  • Support – we guarantee best possible customer support, especially in the first months of using digital signage
  • Easy manage content
    at any time (even immediately) and schedule it – you are completely in control. No costly printing, delivery or installation, unlike traditional point of sale
  • Quickly update what you want to present
    – From any place with the internet connection using a smartphone, tablet or laptop you can change the content in all of your facilities simultaneously
  • No need technical knowledge
    – The software is designed that users without any technical knowledge and experience can easily use it.

Give life to your screens!

Find out why many companies chose our sollutions:

  • Easy to use
  • Interactive content possibility
  • Easy screen content management on one or multiple locations

Content management system

By using the our software you can simply and quickly change the content on the screens in all your business facilities.

Decrease your advertising costs by getting rid of print advertising material, and increased sales generated by our solutions make your ROI extremely fast.

Schedule the content that will appear on your screens and prevent the repetition of advertisements.

Content from social networks pages can also be displayed on screens, with real-time changes and with the filtering of posting negative connotations and the option of manual change.

Technical knowledge is not required because the software is designed that anyone can use it.

Using any Internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc.), from any device (tablet, mobile, computer), you can access the management console, where you can find all the features of our software.

The report of the software usage effect shows the performance of the individual ad that appeared on the display.


  • Pick a screen from our offer that will satisfies your business needs in the best way.
  • Big or small displays – in our offer, we have multiple displays that you can adapt to the interior of your business facilities.
  • Top brands – you can buy a screen from our offer, at great prices. Our strategic partners are leading global and local companies, such as Samsung, LG, Phillips, Screen Cloud, Tesla, VOX, BENQ, iiyama, etc.

Digital Signage Advertising Network


Digital Signage Advertising network goes in two directions. As a screen owner, you can earn money, and as an advertiser, you can place your product or service offerings across the screens in right at your target audience.

Earn more using digital signage. We will find advertisers who want to promote their products or services right on the screens in your business premises because that is where their target audience is located.

Promote your product effectively
by presenting it to your target audience on screens that are a part of our network.

Road to success

gigatron logo digital signage

Gigatron has been one of the leaders in the technology market in Serbia since its inception in 2003. Over the last decade, the company has been among the first to show retail outlets similar to prestigious stores in the west.

With our Digital Signage solutions, we showed them how to effectively use screens as advertising space to promote their offerings, for major brands or to present promotions or discounts in their stores. They manage content centrally. From one place they simultaneously change content on all displays in all their stores across the country. This made a much easier job for their employees.

butique logo digital signage

The Boutique is a chain of restaurants where you will be happy to bring your friends and always feel welcome. They are known for their efficient service, always smiling staff and perfect cuisine. Their menu showcases the creative sophistication in the culinary arts created by chefs who have a great passion for the profession.

Barracuda Adria has made it possible to set up interactive content at all Boutique locations, which in addition to the informative part, offers interesting things so that guests can always see something new with the existing promotions of restaurant offerings. By linking social media pages to restaurant screens to the property, guests are encouraged to post pictures on social media, so photos of all Boutique restaurants are displayed on the screen in real-time

Digital signage Stadion shoping centar

Shopping Center Stadion provides a whole new concept of shopping, entertainment and recreation, as it is built to modern UEFA standards, with a football field on its roof. Global and local brands provide visitors with a wide range of merchandise, and jewelry and accessory stores offer an excellent range of fashion accessories. There are also entertainment facilities for all visitors, as well as a variety of gastronomic offerings.

Due to the fact that the content sent through Digital Signage is remembered by viewers for a long time, and this type of advertising raises sales of advertised products by up to 50 per cent, Stadium Shopping Center has recognized Barracuda Adria as an important a strategic partner. We have enabled them to place advertising messages through their screens to their target audience exactly where they are.