Terminal – The sales of advertised food increase up to more than 20%

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About “Terminal”


The “Terminal” gastro bar was established in 2015. It ranks as one of Belgrade’s leading restaurants. In addition to professional service, it offers a special ambiance, consisting of a garden overlooking the St. Sava Temple in Belgrade, contemporary designed lounge bar and an elegant a la carte restaurant on the gallery, with the wine bar and open kitchen. The Terminal recognized that digital signage solutions had become standard in famous restaurants around the globe, and joined them.


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Why did Terminal chose Barracuda Adria solution?

The sales of advertised food increase up to more than 20%

“Terminal” has applied our digital signage solutions to the existing screens in the restaurant. It’s the fact that digital signage reduces the feeling of waiting and makes it easier for guests to choose their food and drink. When guests see a dish on the screen, they often want to try it. Almost immediately, in “Terminal” noticed that sales of specialty showed on screens increase up to more than 20%. That’s why digital signage has begun to be used for other purposes.

In “Terminal”, aside from showing the specialties, they use screens to present HD videos form the kitchen and show how they prepare the food. Guests are interested in it, and in some of the chef’s techniques that they can apply in their home.

The “Terminal” has made good use of digital signage to inform guests that they have introduced food delivery, which can be ordered through a mobile application. At the same time, on displays, they present meal discounts or events that they regularly organize there.

“Terminal’s” Instagram page has become more popular

The “Terminal’s” Instagram page has almost 17.000 followers, and it has become more popular after connected with screens in the restaurant. They asked their guests to take photos and check-in the “Terminal’s” location. The Instagram feed has become full of photos and all feed changes guests can see on the screens in real-time.