Stadion Shopping Centar – Vertical screens customized to the interior

Digital signage Stadion shoping centar

About Stadion Shopping Center


Shopping Center “Stadion” provides a new concept of shopping, entertainment, and recreation. It was built according to UEFA standards, with a football pitch on its roof. Global and local brands offer visitors a wide range of merchandise, and jewelry stores provide an excellent range of fashion accessories. There are also entertainment facilities for all visitors and a variety of gastronomic offerings.


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Why did Stadion Shopping Center chose Barracuda Adria solution?

Vertical screens customized to “Stadion’s” interior

Due to the fact that content sent via digital signage people remember for a long time, and this type of advertising raises sales of advertised products by up to 50 percent, Stadium Shopping Center has recognized Barracuda Adria as a strategic partner. We placed six vertical advertising screens in that mall, on different floors, where store renters, or major brands present their offer to attract the visitors’ attention.

Since the “Stadion” has implemented digital signage, they have noticed that customers look at the screens much longer than in traditional advertisements like posters or static billboards. Also, they spend more time inside the shopping center.

Additional revenue from advertisers

Barracuda Adria solution gives additional revenue to Shopping Center “Stadion”. They earn from advertisers, which publishes their ads on the screens directly to their target audience.

Screens replaced billboards and printed posters. It gives much better results in sales advertised product or increases profit in advertised stores. At the same time, the managing of advertising messages is much easier now. Changing the content is possible in a few minutes, only an internet connection is necessary for it.

Shopping Center “Stadion” follows world trends, and digital signage has long been the standard in all modern shopping malls. What are the other benefits of this type of advertising can be read on our site in text named “Top Five Reasons Why You Need Digital Signage”.