Grand Casino – Advertising in 30 locations

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About “Grand Casino”


“Grand Casino” is the most famous casino in Serbia, offering guests the most popular slot machines in the world. In addition to entertainment, one of the most important goals of the company is to promote the idea of ​​responsible gambling and responsible serving of alcohol, which has become part of their daily business.





Why did Grand Casino chose Barracuda Adria solution

Advertising in 30 locations

“Grand Casino” does not use screens in their facility for self-promotion. As Barracuda Adria’s client, “Grand Casino” uses screens in hotels and restaurant, that are a part of the digital signage network, to promote own offer and activities.

We have given them the possibility to select 30 locations where they would place advertising messages to their target audience. Guided by the positive experiences of our clients, they have chosen the screens in luxury hotels and the best restaurants in downtown Belgrade to present their offer to their guests and invite them to come to the casino.

Excellent results

The strategy works. Guests, who see “Grand Casino’s” ads at restaurants and hotels, usually try to hear more information about the casino, find it on Google and announce their arrival. The management of Grand Casino says that they are extremely satisfied with the service provided by Barracuda Adria. With the implementation of our digital signage solutions, they achieve excellent results, so our cooperation will be continued.

Digital Signage Advertising Network is the full name of the service that “Grand Casino” receives from our company. You can find out more about how this service works and why it is important to your business on our website.