Gigatron – Digital Signage on more than 100 screens

digital signage gigatron


One of the leading Serbian tech retailers since its foundation in 2003, Gigatron has been one of the first companies that decided to upgrade their retail stores over the last decade. Following the prestigious stores in the west, Gigatron has introduced a new, productive way of communicating with its customers, by implementing the digital signage in their stores, in 25 towns in the country.







Why did Gigatron choose Baracuda Adria solution?

Digital Signage on more than 1000+ screens

By implementing Digital Signage on more than 1000 screens in their facilities, Gigatron can connect all its stores and controls them from a single location. Barracuda Adria has provided Gigatron with a new communication tool, which they recognized as an effective way to use screens for advertising space, for major brands or to present their promotions and discounts in their stores. The result they have achieved is longer retention of customers in their facilities and better sales of targeted advertised products or brands.

Manage the content on all screens centrally

The Barracuda Adria solution gave them the possibility to manage the content on all screens centrally – from one location and to synchronize the advertising messages of all screens in all their stores. This has made the jobs much easier for their employees, especially when they need to inform customers about significant promotions and discounts.