Boutique – Advertised food sales increased more than 31%

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About Boutique

BOUTIQUE’s concept is designed to surround you with the things you would expect from a top host. At each of the restaurants, you will find a relaxing interior that reflects the energy and excitement where you would be happy to bring your friends and always feel welcomed. They will take care of all your needs while you are enjoying your time with business or personal friends. The urban pulse of the city beats like the heart of the BOUTIQUE venue.


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Why did Boutique choose Barracuda Adria solution?


Boutique sought a way to promote its offers and to provide interesting content for guests, as well as easy management of that content in all locations.


Barracuda Adria enabled interactive content to be placed on all Boutique locations, which, besides the informative part, offers interesting content so that guests will always have the opportunity to see something new along with the existing restaurant offers.


Our solution has created an interactive consumer experience, using the TV screens in restaurants. It encourages guests to upload images from social networks. It enables an effective promotion of offers through digital menus and visible images and videos. We managed to find the resolution, how to set content in all locations, and specifically how to connect all offers and set content from one place to all locations.