Belgrade Beer Fest – Video show for 100.000 visitors

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About Beer Fest

Beer Fest is the most visited event in Southeastern Europe. For many years, during five days in August, Beer Fest offers more than 100 free concerts on five stages.







Why did Beer Fest choose Baracuda Adria solution?

Video-show for 100.000 visitors

Baracuda Adria system has integrated social media activities of 100.000 Belgrade Beer Fest visitors in one unique video show.

During the concerts, visitors can see all their activities on social networks that are connected with the festival. All visitors photos, videos or comments about festival, that they publish on their social media profiles and tagged Belgrade Beer Fest, are available on screens in real-time. This is very interesting for visitors, they look at screens because they wait for their posts, and in this time the sponsors use it for own promotions. This makes advertisements much more effective, and it increases sales.

The use of digital signage at festivals around the world is not a new way of advertising, but Belgrade Beer Fest is among the first have recognized the benefits of implementing this type of advertising in Serbia. The organizers of the festival say that they cannot imagine the festival without digital signage.