Bakery “Nesic” – Great sales of advertised products

About the Bakery “Nešić”


Bakery “Nesić” is a company for the production and sale of different types of bread, fresh pastries, and delicious cakes. It was founded in 2009, and because of the quality of the product it quickly became one of the favorite neighborhood bakers. Bakery “Nešić” has a few facilities, where they use digital signage to inform customers and promote their products.







Why did Bakery “Nešić” chose Barracuda Adria solution

Great sales of advertised products

Bakery “Nešić” found the most effective way to inform customers about new products.
They recognized digital signage as a good solution. In every bakery, they have installed two screens above the counter, the dimensions of which were adapted to the bakery’s interior. Buyers look directly at them when they enter. Videos get their attention, and professional photos of pastries, cakes, and bread give them even tastier look. In that way, digital signage helps customers to choose what they want to eat, and all that results in increased sales.

Video is better than the static menu

Digital signage replaced the previously glued menu on the walls at “Nešić” bakery. The change of old static menu requires the printing of a new menu, that would be pasted over the old one, or the old one should be removed with a mini-renovation of the interior. The change is now much easier. In just a few clicks on the computer, tablet or mobile phone, they manage the content displayed on the screens.
Our clients’ experience shows that digital signage has proven to be easily applicable, delivering equally good results, both in large retail chains and in small facilities such as bakeries.