Acibadem Sistina – More than 400 screens connected in digital signage

About Acibadem Sistina


The Acibadem Sistina Clinic is located in Skopje and is part of the largest network of hospitals in Southeast Europe. Spanning over 22,000 square feet on seven floors, it has 11 operating rooms, beds for 275 patients in 39 different units. 140 leading specialists that cure various types of diseases work there. Nearly half a million people have been examined or treated at the clinic since its foundation in 2001, so they are proud to say that they have also been recognized by patients as one of the best.







Why did Acibadem Sistina chose Barracuda Adria solution?

More than 400 screens connected in digital signage

Acibadem Sistina Clinic uses the Baracuda Adria digital signage solutions in two ways – for own promotion and advertisers’ promotions. It was a true challenge connecting more than 400 screens in the hospital’s rooms and waiting rooms, but we have successfully achieved it. Using digital signage, Acibadem Sistina’s patients now can see useful health information, some beauty or care tips, but they also get acquainted with all the services and promotional packages offered by the clinic.

The socially responsible business of the clinic is also one of the things that patients can see on screens. There is space for advertisers, most often pharmaceutical companies, which want to present their offers to patients as their target group.

Few clicks for managing content

Acibadem Sistina’s management knows that waiting for a medical examination can be extremely boring and frustrating. It makes patients nervous and impatient. In the case of this clinic, in addition to reducing the sense of waiting, our digital signage solution has made it much easier to change the content on screens.

It would last forever if the content for every of the clinic’s 400 screens had to be changed separately. As digital signage experts, we have provided a solution that allows messages from all screens can be easily and quickly modified from one location. Acibadem Sistina’s managers are satisfied with the results we are achieving together.