What is Digital Signage Advertising Network?

  • Example, if you are a rent-a-car agency owner, all your offers can be displayed on the screens in luxury hotels. In another case, premium wines from your selection can be tasted at the best restaurants.
  • You can advertise your products or services through the Digital Signage advertising network. Use the largest screen network to show your advertising messages on screens, exactly where your audience is located.
  • Your offers and promotions can be shown on displays in more than 150 facilities that are using Barracuda Adria digital signage solutions. All you have to do is select the locations where your customers are often located, and present your products or services in the best possible way through existing displays.

Using Digital Signage Advertising Network, you can significantly increase your sales and profits in the short term by promoting your products or services more effectively. Sales of products advertised through digital signage are increasing by up to 50 percent. Take advantage of these opportunities and become part of the largest digital signage network.


DSAN Using Advantages

Your ads can be placed on screens in more than 150 facilities, which use Barracuda Adria digital signage solutions because we have an advertising agreement with owners. This agreement allows advertisers’ advertisements to be displayed on their screens. For you, it is only important to choose the locations where your customers are often located and to present your offers or services in the best possible way through the existing displays.

Increase Sales

Research shows that the sales of products that are advertised by digital signage are growing by up to 50 percent. It is a good idea to make your product one of them! Making a buying decision is much easier for consumers if they see a recommendation for your product or service on the screens. Digital Signage increases impulsive shopping, so more than 70 percent of consumers say they spend money unplanned because of the offer they saw on interactive screens. In this way, they also spend money on your product or service.

Strengthen Your Brand

Brands advertised through digital signage increase sales by up to 30 percent. Do you know that people remember longer messages seen on digital signage? More than 80 percent of consumers remember the content they saw on interactive screens, much more than on traditional, static posters or billboards. You will also strengthen your brand because except for services or products consumers will certainly remember your company name or logo.

Chose who, where and when will see your ads

Advertising through our digital signage networks allows you to present your advertising messages to your target audience in all places that use our digital signage solutions. Select the locations where your target audience is often located and introduce yourself. We will help you to select the facilities in which you will place your ads for the most effective results.

Which industries are we represented in?

Barracuda Adria currently has more than 150 locations where digital signage solutions are successfully implemented. The niches in which we have applied our Digital Signage Advertising network are classified into ten categories. These are retail, HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, and bars), shopping centers, casinos and bookmakers, banks and insurance companies, hospitals, festivals, sports centers and gyms, gas stations and educational and cultural institutions.

Our Clients

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