Digital Signage

You are certainly aware that the battle for the market is stronger than ever, competition is increasing its activity and clients are becoming more demanding, whatever business you are deal in. That’s why you need to be innovative and attractive to customers.

With Digital Signage, which you can apply in every business area, your advertising messages will be more effective and have a better reach than traditional advertising media can provide.

We have classified our clients, who successfully use digital signage, into ten niches. Take a look at how you can improve your business by looking at them.


Share information with customers about promotions, discounts, new products, and targeted increasing of your sales. Allow other brands to advertise on screens in your facilities and further increase your revenue. Manage content from all screens centrally. Previous research has shown that products advertised through digital signage have their sales increased up to 50%. You certainly want to take advantage of it.

See examples:

Shopping malls

Worldwide famous shopping malls recognized the importance of digital signage. You can do it, too. Choose screens in the shopping mall, and using interactive content on display animate everyone who arrives, and keep them longer in your facility. Make extra revenue by renting ad space on new, interactive displays, whose ads customers will long remember.


(hotels, restaurants, bars)

The best hotels, restaurants, and bars have revived their screens with content that digital signage offers. Through the screens, hotels inform their guests about the flight order, weather forecast, show them the places with the best gastronomic service… Bars and restaurants inform guests about house specialties, promotions, events… All together, they also display content from their social media profiles on screens. Except for better sales, objects from the HoReCa industry that use digital signage solutions, are higher ranked on TripAdvisor.

See examples:

Casinos and bets

Casinos and bets have recognized the importance of digital signage. Through the screens, they inform their customers about new games, odds, interesting sports statistics, etc. Whether they place their promotional activities on screens in their or someone else’s facilities, the effects are pretty good – new clients are eager to come and old clients come again.

Banks and insurance companies

Banks and insurance companies know that their clients don’t like waiting until they get their turn. They decided to animate and inform them simultaneously. They know that digital signage is an ideal solution for informing their customers about exchange rates, low-cost loans, various types of insurance, savings, using e-banking application and other benefits offered by banks and insurance companies. These messages clients remember longer.


For many patients waiting for medical examination in hospitals is not a pleasure. Clinics, which have digital signage in their waiting rooms, have noted that patients watch the content on the screens with curiosity. Except they don’t think about health issues, through screens the patients receive a lot of useful information like helpful health tips, clinic’s promotional offers, advertisers advertisements.

Festivals & Events

The use of digital signage has become a standard worldwide in organizing major festivals. The content placed on the screens reaches a large number of people, the target audience of advertisers, and if the screens connect to the pages on the social networks of the festival, where you can see all the activities of visitors, it is sure that the enthusiasm of the audience will not be absent. At the same time, advertising messages will have a far greater effect.

Sports center and gyms

Sports centers and gyms use digital signage and communicate with their users in an immediate, highly efficient way. The screens show them monthly discounts and promotions, trainers’ work hours, give them the opportunity to request training. Many businesses, especially sports brands and supplements, have recognized screens in gyms and sports centers as an ideal place to advertise their products.

Educational and cultural institutions

Visuals presented digitally are the closest to youths – pupils and students. That is why digital signage is ideal for use in schools and colleges, and it should not be surprising why modern educational institutions using Barracuda Adria digital signage solutions. They no longer print the results of the exams on the paper and put on the info boards. They just publish it on displays using digital signage. In the same way, they inform students about interesting facts about that institution, events, open door day… Cultural institutions became closer with visitors, so event announcement and all explanations about museum or gallery exhibitions present via interactive screens.

Gas stations

Increase the visibility of gas stations, and the sale of selected fuels, derivatives and other products. The current actions and benefits that your gas station offers present in the best way. Manage the content in all your facilities form one place, and improve advertising efficiency.